Should I stay or should I go?

If you are considering moving home, what is your main reason?

  • Need more space?
  • Looking for a dream home?
  • Time for change?

Have you considered improving your home?

If you like your home, your area, and your neighbours, staying put and extending or changing your windows could prove a cost-effective alternative to moving altogether. It’s also a good option if you don’t have much equity in your home or near your limit on mortgage borrowing, which could make moving difficult.

Adding an extension, loft-conversion, or garden room, for example, could increase it’s value by 5-15% according to Savills. Adding a conservatory can add 10%, and new bathrooms up to 5%. 

Improving your home also means you get to enjoy your investment every day.  Every penny goes into improving your quality of life and maximises the value of your home. Moving home means paying thousands in stamp duty, legal fees, surveys, and removal costs. 

If you are considering an extension or replacing your windows, we can help and save you money with your heating bills.  All of our products are thermal efficiency as standard.  Our windows, doors and conservatories can last for more than forty years and are recyclable up to ten times!

Speak to us today to discuss your options.  We offer a free no obligatory quotation.  

We can be your one stop solution with every aspect of your home improvement.